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Q: What is "CPISALUMNI" ?  
A: CPISALUMNI (www.cpisalumni.org) is a web site dedicated to the sharing of information related to  former Toronto and Montreal staff of Canadian Pacific's Informations Systems and Computers + Communications Department.  The heart of the site is the self-service Directory of Alumni and Alumnae.  In addition to the Directory, the site hosts photos of past reunion and parties and publishes relevant alumni-related milestones.

Over the years, a small informal group of people has maintained Alumni contact lists and organized get-togethers and reunions.  Increasingly they felt the need for a centralized repository for this information and therefore recently acquired the domain name CPISALUMNI.ORG.

CPISALUMNI is a web site, and not an organization per se.  It is not published by, associated with or supported by Canadian Pacific Railway or any of the former Canadian Pacific Limited companies - or any other company for that matter.

Q: Who are the people behind "CPISALUMNI" ?
A: For some time, Lois Phillips and Pam Pressnail have  been behind the organization of Alumni reunions and the management of a list of contacts.  You can contact them at info@cpisalumni.org.
More recently Mario Labelle joined Lois and Pam for the purpose of building the Alumni website. Steve Futterman authored our bulletproof Membership Agreement. 

Lois Pam Mario Steve

Q: How can I contact so-and-so who used to work for CP IS/C+C ? 
A: You can look up people's names directly in the Directory and contact them via e-mail or phone, if they have elected to make this information public.  If not, you are still be able to contact them via a form which will not divulge the e-mail address.  If the person is not listed in the directory at all you may try info@cpisalumni.org.

Q: Will the name, location and e-mail contacts for the site change ? 
A: We have purchased the name CPISALUMNI.ORG from an Internet Name Registrar.  It is therefore ours to keep forever as long as we pay our yearly bills.  The site location may change, as from time to time we may shop around for deals, but because we own the name, this will be totally transparent to our members.  Similarly, the e-mail contacts are based on our domain name and therefore we have total control over them.

Q: How long does a tag stay associated with a new item ?
A: Approximately one month from the date the item gets posted on the site.

Q: Why are there are no annoying ads on this site ? 
A: We'll take this question as a compliment.  From the start we wanted a site with no kind of advertising whatsoever.  So we are paying for our web hosting.  It will remain that way as long as we stay in the good books of our no-longer-anonymous benefactor :-)

Q: What is the significance of the wooden object that graces the Log-in page ? 
A: This is the "business end" of a 2 x 4 which is a well-known piece of CP IS / C+C folklore.  Ask anybody who worked for Operations or Communications in the Eighties and early Nineties for its significance ;-)