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Technical Info

Q: What browser do I need to access this site ? 
A: This site should perform and display almost identically on most modern browsers.  It has been tested on Firefox 1.0 and 1.0.6;  Netscape 6.1, 6.2 and 7;  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0;  Opera 6 and 7;  Mozilla 1.4 and 1.7; 

The site will not operate satisfactorily on older browsers and text-only (e.g. Lynx) browsers. Please note that Netscape 4.x is no longer supported.  Opera 6 will not display the menu correctly - however it is still usable

Q: What minimum monitor colour depth and sizes are required for viewing ? 
A: Because the site is photo-intensive, your system should be set-up to display at least 32K colours, and preferably full-colour (24-bit-colour, a.k.a 'millions-of-colours').  A 256-colour set-up will be unsatisfactory.  The minimum screen size to view pictures and most other pages comfortably without excessive scrolling is 800 x 600.

Q: What other browser settings might influence the viewing of this site ? 
A: This site needs cookies to maintain session state correctly.  Please see question on cookies in the Privacy/Security topic.  You must therefore turn on cookies on your browser.  If you use a site-specific cookie controller, allow cookies to be stored by site www.cpisalumni.org.  Sorry, you will not be able to view this site with cookies turned off (See Problems topic)

The site makes extensive use of JavaScript (1.2) to perform many of its tasks.  You will not be able to browse the site if you have turned off Javascript.

Q: Who hosts the site and where is the server located ? 
A: CPISALUMNI.ORG is hosted by 34sp.com of Manchester, U.K.  The server is located in Interxion's Internet Exchange Centre in London, U.K.  Our domain is registered with Go Daddy Software of Scottsdale, Arizona. 


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