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Q: I have registered but I forgot my ID or password.
A: You should have received an e-mail with your userID and your password.  If remember your userID but have forgotten your password you can ask for your password hint during login.  If you have lost both, please contact info@cpisalumni.org 

Q: I can log-in successfully, but I keep being prompted for it on every single page.
A: You probably have cookies turned off on your browser.  Cookies are not the gaping hole that some people would like you to believe.  The CPISALUMNI site only stores a single session cookie (it gets automatically deleted when your browser terminates) which is a 32-character cryptographically-random key used to provide state-saving during a session.  If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer you may enter CPISALUMNI.ORG in the list of trusted sites and then allow cookies for those sites.  Or you may want to use a Cookie Management program.  Please see the item on Cookies in the Security/Privacy topic.  This site will not function with Cookies disabled. There have been reports that the site will not work on WebTV, likely due to Cookie handling by the set-top boxes.

Q: A red message shows up on the CPISALUMNI Home Page which tells me my browser is a dinosaur.
A: It is complaining about the fact that your browser does not understand JavaScript, or, more likely, that you have turned off Javascript on a more current browser.  Most of the site requires JavaScript to operate.  You will not be able to use the site without JavaScript enabled

Q: I get a black bar instead of a menu below the site banner. 
A: The menu should look similar to the picture on the left.  If you see something like the picture on the right, you have JavaScript disabled, or (unlikely) your browser does not support JavaScript. You will not be able to use the site without JavaScript enabled

Q: The Directory shows a large number of alumni, but displays none.
A: If the display looks like the sample below, you probably have JavaScript turned off, or you are using a browser which is unsupported.  The directory needs JavaScript to operate.